Wednesday, March 31, 2010

First Date

So serious
That's better (there's the finger again)
He cracks me up!! Those are my mini hand cuffs on my key chain
So cute
We had so much fun! So serious again, I don't understand why he does that in photos because he's always smiling and laughing in real life

Hey all! I'm getting ready to leave for the airport as I type. Can't wait to see everyone this weekend!! Been mostly working since my last post. Thought I'd share some photos from the first night that Cort and I had our first date. Even though we had been hanging out together for a week straight and we went out with Jason and Courtney, we still consider it our first date. We had dinner at a restaurant that a mutual friend works at, then played pool until the bar shut down. Fun times! There are some really cute photos! Enjoy! Next post to be after I return home from IL. Happy Easter!

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