Thursday, April 29, 2010

Last Thursday

Wow! I can't believe it's been a week since the divorce was finalized! I meant to post sooner but obviously that didn't happen ;) I've had a very busy week! Last Thursday was 91 days from when we filed meaning it's done! I'm officially a divorcee ;) I had Jason's sister, Jen, cut my hair then we had a few beers to celebrate and hung out for a bit. The apartment was empty when I got home which was perfect. I had a bottle of champagne that I'd been saving to celebrate that day and the plan had been to do it alone before I met all my crazy friends. I still wanted to pop it alone to celebrate my freedom, my happiness and my being good with myself and being on my own. Courtney and Jason got home shortly after I drank my celebratory glass of champagne and they wanted to celebrate with me so that's what we did. The three of us just hung out at the apartment and got silly and it was the perfect celebration night. These photos are from the first day of the rest of my life! It's going to be a good one!

To me! To a happier, better life!
Feet on the ground, wind at my back, sun always upon me (Cort's toast)
I'm so happy! (This is after the crazy kids got home)
Don't know what's happening here but it cracks me up!
To the rest of my life......

On a side note: Jason is having surgery on his back today so say a prayer or send good vibes or whatever you do in his direction. It's hard to watch him be in pain every day and not be able to help! Thank you everyone!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm still alive ;)

This has to be a pretty quick post because the last two nights at work kicked my butt and I need to get to bed so I can go back. Please, sir, may I have some more ;) Sunday night I didn't get a lunch break and I didn't get to sit down. Last night was almost as bad. My feet hurt and I'm beat. It's hard work taking care of sick people! Most of you know I went out over the weekend to celebrate my new freedom. Celebrate I did! I have a few photos but I haven't looked at them yet so you're going to have to wait! Sorry! These are just some randoms from the past weekend when we hung out with Connor. I'm still alive and I'm still happy and loving life. Updates to come. Happy Tuesday!! Good night!!

Jason gave me this temporary tattoo that he found. I got a little attached to it in that spot. I might have to get a real one (probably not a triceratops, even though they're named after me)

Bugs, bugs, bugs! I love it. This grasshopper Connor caught and then decided to let him go.
This one he caught later in the day and decided he wanted to take him home.
So the poor grasshopper got stuck in a jar with the giant beetle he found.
I had to work Sunday night so I stayed in bed while the boys went on a hike. These are what they brought back for me. They stayed on my nightstand and made me smile for a week. Thanks boys! I wrote on Cort's facebook wall that waking up to picked flowers is infinitely better than someone buying me a dozen roses. The thought that counts is so true.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fun Weekend

We had a pretty fun weekend. I was off until Sunday night and Cort had Connor for the weekend so we got all got to hang together. We had lots of boy's activities. Good times! On a side note, the divorce is final TOMORROW!!!! YAY!! I have the next four days off and I plan to do a lot of celebrating. I'm sure I'll have some good photos to post by this coming Sunday when I have to go back to work. In the mean time, enjoy some of our photos from this weekend. Have a good Wednesday everyone!!
Cort had some Captain in him ;) (he'd probably kill me if he knew I was posting all of these silly photos of him but he's none the wiser)
So these things...we bought these things at an asian gift store that we just refer to as 'balls'. They come in a tiny package and they are as smaller than pebbles. Then you put them in water and they get big and they are squishy and feel funny. Connor and Haven love these things and it's always a big attraction when they are around so we buy more and more at the mall every time we go.
You can catch all of us sticking our hands (maybe even arms) down into the bowl. They feel so cool it is really hard to resist.
Saturday we took Connor fishing. I love this photo!! Cort got the line stuck in the tree and that's what they are looking at. Immediately after I took this photo Cort turned and looked at me and said "I hate you so much right now." I just laughed. He'll love this picture some day!
My room somehow became the place to be this weekend. Courtney's little TV, the game cube and the giant bean bag that made it such that you could not walk in my room all made there way in there. I walked in once and J, Courtney and Haven were all on the bean bag and Cort and Connor were on my bed all watching Haven play Harvest Moon. I love my Colorado family ;) I took this picture after a pretty extensive 'hop on pop' session.
Connor is really into bugs. He collects them. When we were fishing he found a couple grasshoppers and a crazy big beetle. We got them into a jar when we got home. He was pretty excited about them.
I am the great Cornholio! I need TP for my bunghole!
I love that they are both wearing the T shirts I bought for them in Chicago. I also love that Cort has on my Green Bay hoodie. I told him how sexy I thought he was wearing green and gold ;) I don't think he found it humorous.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Moving...for real this time!

Courtney and I worked last Saturday night but Sunday was the only day all four of us could head to Bailey to grab more of my stuff so we made it work. We stopped at Tipsy's (the largest liquor store in Colorado which is literally blocks from Courtney's) because you can't move without booze! We got it all done and had beautiful weather and even time to relax with margarita's (thanks for the best homemade recipe I've ever tried Lindsay!!!!). Here's a few photos from that day.
Jason just cracks me up!!!
There's Tipsy's.
Courtney and I rode together for a little girl time. We rocked out all the way up the mountain.
I was way worried about my mirror being carried by the stroke queen but it's still in one piece.
Then we had to get a bunch of pics of us making faces into the mirror. Courtney said "Go do something sexy next to the mirror. I'm thinking that's not exactly what she meant but I couldn't stop laughing.
We are cracking up because we were trying to get a picture of the two of us and Jason was mooning the mirror in the background. You can barely see him in this one. I have one where both of the boys are mooning the mirror between us but I thought maybe the concept would be more funny to most than the actual photo.
Chillin on the deck with our margs and beers after our hard work.

Home (CO)

My flight from Chicago to Denver was an evening flight and it ended up landing late because we had to fly way north around a storm. When the flight landed and I was able to turn my phone back on I had 14 text messages! That's a new record!! As I was walking through the gate toward baggage claim I heard over head "Would Sarah Bienemann report to baggage claim, your party is waiting" (or something to that effect). I died laughing and people around me were looking at me but I couldn't help it. Cort was waiting for me at the furthest point he was allowed to go without a boarding pass. I new he was going to be there even though I told him not to because he had to work early the next morning. It was great to see him especially since I didn't think I'd see him until the next weekend. I got to baggage claim and Courtney, Jason, and Jen (she had just gotten off a plane from Seattle) were waiting for us. Jason said "Hey, look up at the screen." The screen that said which flight's bags were coming to that spot was flashing between the flight number and a screen that said "Welcome special person: Sarah Bienemann" Haha! The five of us were laughing and loud and I loved it! Best homecoming ever!! In fact, this was the first time when flying "home" to Denver actually felt like flying home. Thank you so much for that guys!!!!! So, we were all wired when we got home and ended up staying up really late looking at all my Illinois home pictures and goofing around. Cort went to work the next day with about and hour of sleep but apparently he didn't mind. This photo is the only one I took that night (morning) but it basically captures all of our moods. Cort put on my PJ pants and was walking around acting girlish. It was hilarious!!!!! I wish my ass looked that good in those pants ;)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Laughter and Third Shifters

I love you guys! I was just do we not have more pictures of all of us laughing from other holidays? That's all we do! So from now on I want to capture as much of that as I can. I think we did pretty good this year. Lots of laughing caught on camera! (Sorry so many in one post but I really need to go to bed and there were just too many to choose from!!)
This one cracks me up! God knows what Dad's doing but I'm sure that's what everyone is laughing at and judging by Patricia's face, it has something to do with her fountain.

Haha!! Jake and I laugh at this thing at least a couple of times a year!!
It's just funny. I'm literally laughing right now.

Jake said: Look! Dad's outside. Point at him and laugh
I actually got Dad to laugh hence the smile in the picture. I love it!

So Jake and my conversation went something like this(10 am):
Jake: Sarah, when is it acceptable for a third shifter to start drinking beer?
Me: Well, it depends on the day and the situation. I find myself wanting beer at the strangest times. Why? Do you want a beer?
Jake: Yeah.
Me: Well, I'll have one if you do.
Jake: Ok
Then we needed to take ridiculous pictures of us enjoying our 10 am third shifter beers. Patricia even got in on the action a bit later. Ahh, third shift...

New Tradition (or trap?)

The chocolate fountain was the newly added tradition this year. Thank you Patricia! After we looked at the pictures though we started to wonder if it was just a trap to get pictures of us shoving food in our faces in a new and interesting way. You be the judge. I vote trap. You all know I can't keep food off my clothes. I don't even know what I was thinking going near that thing with a white sweater on!!!! I got chocolate on three different shirts!!! Ha!

Getting it started
I made a fountain faux pas. Apparently you're not supposed to stick your hand in the chocolate. This was not covered in the inservice! Jakey said he figured that was an unspoken rule. Look who you're talking to. ;)

Chrissy: caught!
Me:caught again!! I couldn't stay away even after I was banned for my prior offense!


I love spending Easter with my family. We have so many traditions at every holiday that I love but for some reason Easter is special. Maybe it's because spring is starting to come around and the grass is green, the trees are budding and flowers are starting to bloom. I'm not really sure but I got to come home for Easter this year and even though I only spent about 48 hours at my parents it was still a blast and worth every second. Here are a few photos of some of our Easter traditions that I cherish. I love you all!

Ten Commandments, of course. Great movie, really long. I think Jake and I used it more of an excuse to stay up late but we got to watch it to the end every year.
Bunny cake. There was discussion of omitting this tradition this year since we also celebrated Bryan's birthday and started a new tradition with Patricia's chocolate fountain but I opted to make it and I'm glad I did. Yum!

We have some coconut lovers and some coconut haters. That's how this bunny became the bandito
8am Mass at St. Mary's of Kickapoo

And milling about afterward to visit
Easter egg hunt. I don't know that we'll ever be too old for this tradition. I love this photo! The dogs really wanted to help us find those eggs!
This year's hunt started out a little slow. We were all in diabetic comas after the steak dinner and all the sweets.

There's always a few eggs in the apple trees