Sunday, April 1, 2012

Avs Game

Some friends from work and I organized an outing to an Avalanche hockey game last Saturday. We had a blast (I work with some crazy people). The Avs started out really strong, dominating possession for most of the first half of the game and were up 2-0 at one point. Then they got lame and the Canucks came back and tied it 2-2 then ended up winning in overtime. We still had a great time!

Russ and I. In the row behind us is Rheu, Carmen and her husband.
Oh Chris. One of my favorite people. He tripped up the stairs carrying his loaded nachos and got sour cream all over his face. Classic!!!
In the front row is Chris, Kim, Mike, Russ and I. Rheu and Carmen in the back row.
Back row Stacey and Russ, front row, me, Chris, Kim and Mike.
We all had a great time! Nurses are some fun but crazy folks!