Monday, September 28, 2009


Meeting in Frisco
The aspens are changing and it's starting to snow. Here's hoping for an early start of the ski season. The craziest thing is we were heading to the desert in Utah. We drove through snow to stay in 90 degree weather.
Girls win. The boys don't even have the poles in yet!
Garrett helped organize this whole thing with his girlfriend Paulie. He's on his son's dirt bike, with his Scottish hat.
Now Matt has the hat on the big bike. That's crazy Rico, Garrett's dog.
Got the kayaks out. The campsite was almost right on the river. Awesome!! Lots of people took a turn in the kayak.
I love this photo. This is the view from our site. The colors are great!! Wow!!
Andy and Matt. That water is unbelievably cold. Louis is the golden that can swim all day and night.
Here's the group starting out on our rafting trip.
This is our group during our lunch break.
I was ambushed by Jeremy and Matt. Jerks!...
Melody, me and Sarah W. Such a beautiful day!
Paulie was bossman on our raft.
The end of the trip. It was awesome to float right back to our campsite. Great times!!!!

Thursday through Sunday this last week we went to Moab, Utah. We had such a blast. Jeremy and I worked Wednesday night so the trip was a little tough. We had to head home from work, pack then meet with some people to caravan with in Frisco. It was cold at our house and snowing when we drove over Hoosier and Vail passes. It was a way longer trip than it should have been. It's hard to caravan with 5 cars and 10 people. Every stop takes much longer and we were tired. We finally made it to our campsite and got set up. Then we played around in the river (which was right next to the site) before starting a fire, drinking too much and going to bed. The next day was fun too. Many people went to Slickrock to go mountain biking. Me and a few of the other girls went to town to rent the rafts, get some groceries and do some shopping. Then we relaxed and enjoyed the day. That night went similar to the first night but it got a little loud and we got a little in trouble but not too bad. I was one of those people that stayed up way too late (like 7am) and I'm sure I contributed to the loud (but no where near as bad as a couple someones that won't be named). Hey, did any of you know that the Texans are in the same division as the Colts, Jaguars and Titans...ouch! I only got 2 hours of sleep before starting the next day. The next day we went on a raft trip. It's kind of funny to watch 20 people try to get moving to do anything. Had the best time on the river. I was a little upset at how my photos from that day turned out. Apparently my shutter speed was inadvertently changed and all my photos turned out dark. Bummer! So we were so tired after this trip but Paulie offered to drive us to a place that charged $5 for unlimited shower time. I couldn't pass it up after two nights in the desert and a full day on the river. Then we had a very chill night and went to bed early. Today we picked up and drove home leisurely, stopping to have dinner in Frisco. It was such a fun time. We discussed making this an annual trip and I really hope we do!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Snow in September!!!
My poor mums. I just got them Friday, I don't even have sunny photos of them! I'll have to get some from Mom.
Poor flowers

"Snow? Really Mom?!"
My chai tea mix that we got on our shopping trip. Wish you could smell it through the screen.
My chai tea steeping in my fancy new strainer. This weather calls for a spiced cup of tea!
Straining the tea right over the mug. I love it!!!

I woke up in the early afternoon to fluffy white flakes slowly falling. It is beautiful but it is also September! I took a few photos for you all. Hope you enjoy!


Kara helped me a ton by chopping veges and helping me get set up
Me and Kara. We finally got everything done and were able to enjoy each other and al little of the food.
Jeremy, Bob, Kara and Kristina
Shawn, Josh and Allison (It's the Bailey crew)
Jordan and Amanda
Mom and Dad at Brook Forest Inn
Don and Celia
Me and Jeremy
Family photo taken during half time (I think)

Friday night was the big night. I had a very hectic week. I had an interview Friday late morning, had to get my car from the shop, had to get clothes for my interview, went to Cirque du Soleil with Jeremy Thursday night, had to get food for the party and set up and get the idea. That was my week, Friday being the craziest. Wednesday we went out with a friend that moved to California and came back to visit. Thursday night I took Jeremy to dinner then Cirque du Soleil Kooza (after getting me some interview clothes). It was awesome, you have to check it out if you ever get a chance. I had a stressful interview on Friday at 11:30 after picking up my car (so happy to have it back!!!). Then I came home and set up for our party. Planted some flowers, cleaned the house a little and set up some food. Thank you so much to Jordan and Kara for coming up early and helping me get all that done, I would have been lost without you!!! Don and Celia, Mom and Dad made it with the food about 7:30 (the boys, Jeremy and Bob were running late). Jeremy showed up at 8 and we weren't really ready because we'd been waiting so long but we totally got him, he had no idea! The party was great, thanks everyone for coming. Saturday Celia, Mom and I went shopping while the guys went on an off road trip up Red Cone. We met for dinner at Brook Forest Inn where Don and Celia were staying. Sunday we had a yummy french toast, egg, bacon and toast breakfast and relaxed around the house. Jeremy and Don set up the fancy Logitech Harmony One universal remote Don and Celia got for Jeremy. Then we watched football. It was a good weekend but went by too fast! I miss you guys already!! It's snowing now and I'll post some photos of that next.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeremy!!!

French toast and steak for breakfast by request. Happy Birthday!!!
Working on Shawn's Blazer. Jeremy is secretly happy to be working on a car for his birthday (he really is, he told me). Boo relaxing while the boys work.
Boo is Shawn's boxer. She used to be Bailey but Shawn started calling her Boo and now that's all she answers to. She's a year old and way too much energy for Grid. She wears him out.
It's a gorgeous day for once. The dogs finally wore themselves out. They want in.
So cute!!

Here's how Jeremy and I have spent the beginning of his birthday. So much more to come!!!

Happy Birthday Jenelle!!

Thank you for fake blowing out the candles again so I could catch "the moment"

Happy birthday Jenelle!! Hope you have a great one. Sorry we couldn't be there to celebrate together. Hope to see you soon!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009


"I would really like a taste of your roast beef sandwich!"
Lazy girl!

Hope everyone survived this Monday! I worked last night and tonight I am on call so I am going to go work out then try to clean this place up a little. Just in case people would happen to show up this weekend. Jeremy is being difficult and not taking anyone's suggestions to get him out of the house on Friday. Rrrrr.... we'll figure it out though, no worries. Nothing exciting going on here so just a couple animal photos. Have a good week everyone!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday Night/Satuday

We left the dog outside and he took a nap on the deck in the sun
The kitties were being lazy this day too
We got home from work and there were four deer in our yard. This guy left the yard before I could get inside and get the camera
Making peanut butter rice krispie treats to go along with steaks

Thanks Jordan. I don't have any photos of Jeremy and I working together in the kitchen. You can take photos on my camera any time!!
Jeremy prepping the corn

Beautiful night

Jeremy working his magic at the grill
3.6 lbs of steak cooked on the grill
Dinner: Steak, corn, salad and a mix of sweet and russet potatoes mashed together. YUM!
And here's today; cold, rainy, thunder, lightning

Last night we went low key. We watched Adventureland and Paul Blart: Mall Cop (our Netflix pix). They were both funny. Very enjoyable. Jordan came up to our house to celebrate passing his test even though he spent 12 hours drinking with us during and after the Rockies game the day before. He brought delicious steaks and potatoes and corn. I love anyone that brings food for Jeremy to cook. Thanks!! The steaks were wonderful! Today it is thundering and raining. We HAVE to go to the grocery store so we're going to get dinner then come home to watch more movies. Here's photos from the last few days, some of the animals and some of grilling last night.