Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We took this photo of us off the dash while we were off roading
The day really wore Grid out
Drying out the wood
Cutting more wood

After we went through all the trouble to collect wood for our fire, our camp neighbors invited us over for dinner. It was two couples and one couple had a gorgeous 17 month old girl, Reece. We neglected our fire and hung out with them until it started lightning and thundering around 9pm. They were very much fun and live in Denver so we may be hanging out with them more often. These are their dogs. I have lots of photos of their dogs and none of them ;)
This dog would nose you in the crotch if you stopped petting him.
This one only wanted sticks or balls thrown.
And this one wanted sticks thrown but was happy gnawing them into wood chips.
And this one just wants food
We let him sleep in the tent since he wanted to so badly and he woke us up very early the previous morning.
Jeremy in his sleeping bag.
Me in mine
The next morning it started clearing up. This is our site. Beautiful!
We stopped at Whitmore Falls on the way home.
The drive home

I love camping! It's so relaxing to be outside the whole time far away from civilization, even if you're not that far. These are just some ore photos from our camping adventure. We have a big camping trip planned for the last weekend in September. About 15 people that we work with are all heading down to Moab, UT. I am so looking forward to that trip! It will be a great last camping trip of the season. Hope everyone is having a good week!

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  1. That looks like so much fun! I am so jealous! I'm glad you had fun and thanks for the pics!