Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday Night/Satuday

We left the dog outside and he took a nap on the deck in the sun
The kitties were being lazy this day too
We got home from work and there were four deer in our yard. This guy left the yard before I could get inside and get the camera
Making peanut butter rice krispie treats to go along with steaks

Thanks Jordan. I don't have any photos of Jeremy and I working together in the kitchen. You can take photos on my camera any time!!
Jeremy prepping the corn

Beautiful night

Jeremy working his magic at the grill
3.6 lbs of steak cooked on the grill
Dinner: Steak, corn, salad and a mix of sweet and russet potatoes mashed together. YUM!
And here's today; cold, rainy, thunder, lightning

Last night we went low key. We watched Adventureland and Paul Blart: Mall Cop (our Netflix pix). They were both funny. Very enjoyable. Jordan came up to our house to celebrate passing his test even though he spent 12 hours drinking with us during and after the Rockies game the day before. He brought delicious steaks and potatoes and corn. I love anyone that brings food for Jeremy to cook. Thanks!! The steaks were wonderful! Today it is thundering and raining. We HAVE to go to the grocery store so we're going to get dinner then come home to watch more movies. Here's photos from the last few days, some of the animals and some of grilling last night.