Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Attempt at Snow Boarding

Lindsay and David are in Denver visiting and boarding. I am pretty busy this week with them and having a blast!!!! Friday we talked Eric into coming with us to Breckenridge if I took a snow board lesson. We had a total blast and laughed a ton! Here are some resulting photos. More to come soon!
Best photo of the day!!!! Our instructor took this when she thought I was making a great turn and this photo is what we got. It is now my facebook profile picture!!!! Hahaha!
Ashley our instructor talking to me before our first lift which Eric knocked me down on)
Eric and I at the beginning of our lesson
Yep, you can believe your eyes. That's me!
Eric and I
Right before this photo was taken Eric told the instructor 'take the picture on 3. 1...2...3!' And shoved me. I fell, and the instructor missed that entirely and got this one after I stood up and started shoving back!
Eric, me, and Ashley

Monday, March 14, 2011

Now With Photos!

Bad blogger Chrissy? Compared to me you are a professional!!! By the way, I really missed you guys this weekend! Can not wait to see you all again! Thank you so much for posting all the photos! I love them! I am getting ready to go to bed after a long night of hard work at the casinos in Central City and Blackhawk with my besties, Eric and Russ. Things have been very busy around here. Sorry I have not had the time or energy to post! Here's a few photos of my recent house guests, all taken by Melissa! I am just dropping the ball all around! :) Ryan and his boss Steve and Steve's daughter Melissa came out to visit and ski. We had a great time! The visit was way too short though!! Hope everyone has a great week! I will also try to be a better blogger!

FINALLY!! PICTURES!!! I only had to upload each one individually! But here they are!

Ryan was such a trooper! First time ever Colorado!
Steve, Melissa and I at the top at A Basin
Melissa, Steve, me and Ryan at A Basin
Melissa, Steve and Ryan outside the Coors Brewery
Us at the Easton Corbin concert at the Grizzly Rose

Sorry it took me so long everyone! The website was being very frustrating and I kept giving up on it. More to come soon!