Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Getting in the Spirit

It is almost Christmas!! Being so far away from all of my family makes it hard sometimes to get into the holiday spirit but I am doing my best! The house is decorated, the shopping is done, the carols are playing on the stereo, and I am baking for my coworkers...and missing my family like crazy!!!!!! I will see you all in 3 days and I can not wait!!!!! Here are a few photos of my Christmas preparations. Thinking of you all!! Merry Christmas!!!!!

The reason for the season! This is set up in a great spot right inside the door in the morning sun.
Preparing to bake
All my favorite things...with nuts, thank you very much!!!!
"The stocking were hung by the chimney with care..."
And Minnie is like a little kid!! She just could not wait until Christmas morning!!!!
Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 20, 2010

More Skiing!

I know all my photos have been of skiing but today was the most awesome day of skiing I have had so far this year! The day started out as a complete disaster. Kim and I left a half an hour later than planned and the roads were bad so we spent 3 hours in the car. On the way up I realized I had left my ski coat hanging over my closet door (my ski coat also has my season pass attached to it). We took a wrong turn in Keystone adding time to our trip. I had to pay $15 for a 'forgotten pass' pass. Which is totally lame! They verified I have a season pass but I still have to pay. Then I rented a coat from them for $10. Then I left my camera in the lift office and only realized I did because I left the pass she printed for me in Kim's car which she had to park in the far lot because we were later than we wanted to be. So I went back in 10 minutes after she printed the first one for me to get a second one and she asked if I left a camera. Sure enough!

But once we got on the slopes that all went away! 9 inches from last night and about 2 feet in the last 3 days!! We found some really great powder stashes and skied (and boarded) our hearts out until last chair at 4pm. What an amazing day!!!!! It was kind of sad to put my skis in the closet! No more skiing this year.

I am really looking forward to coming home and seeing everyone though!! I can not believe how fast this month went! I am not ready for Christmas at all! Oh well! My presence will be my present to my family :) I miss you all and looking forward to spending time with you!

I promise my next post will be about something other than skiing :)

Kim and I in front of the tree in the mid-mountain lodge
This lift was awful! Its not a high speed lift and it goes all the way to the top so very cold and windy, whipping snow in our face and making the visibility at the top about zero. Our conversation went a little like this the entire ride up, "Oh my God! We are not going up this lift again! Why? Why? Why? This is not worth it! Soooo cold!!! This is the last run from this lift" We had this conversation many times because the best powder runs were off this lift and once we got down..."Ok, let's do it again" :) The things we do...I guess you just have to work for what you want.
We were pretty giddy after a perfect day of skiing!!
The drive back down. That is Keystone ski area all lit up for night skiing.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Back Online!! Finally!!

I have internet again after 2 months without!!! It's about time!! I have lots of new photos that need to be posted but I'm going to start with the most recent event. Lindsay and David just spent a week with me and we got to ski/ride for a few days!! Here are a few photos from our adventures. I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season!

Getting ready the first day at Breckenridge
Lindsay and I ready to go!
We went to Copper Mountain on Monday and had a beautiful, warm bluebird day! This is my friend from work, Kim and I
Lindsay and David
Good times!!