Wednesday, March 31, 2010

First Date

So serious
That's better (there's the finger again)
He cracks me up!! Those are my mini hand cuffs on my key chain
So cute
We had so much fun! So serious again, I don't understand why he does that in photos because he's always smiling and laughing in real life

Hey all! I'm getting ready to leave for the airport as I type. Can't wait to see everyone this weekend!! Been mostly working since my last post. Thought I'd share some photos from the first night that Cort and I had our first date. Even though we had been hanging out together for a week straight and we went out with Jason and Courtney, we still consider it our first date. We had dinner at a restaurant that a mutual friend works at, then played pool until the bar shut down. Fun times! There are some really cute photos! Enjoy! Next post to be after I return home from IL. Happy Easter!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


This is really silly but I sure thought it was hilarious!!! My hangers from the dollar store were called Tubular Hangers and I just laughed and laughed! Especially since I just bought all the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! My hangers are totally tubular dudes!!! Love it. Also, since I'm unpacking all my clothes, naturally, as I do every time I move and unpack, I had to try on all my clothes again and play dress up for Courtney and Jason. They thought I was ridiculous and Courtney had to take a photo of me. I actually put on a top, then put another still on the hanger over my head to show them that one, then held up another top over that so they could see it. That's when Courtney was like, "Oh, my God, you're hilarious, stay that way while I get the camera!" Love you guys! Is it finally Friday?!?!?! I get to see Cort today for the first time this week!!! He's my sane friend in Crazy Town so I'm very excited to see him!!! Happy Friday!!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


My new purchase with its cool new case
We are bad ass ninjas
J, Jen and Courtney
Kickin butt and takin names!

Today Jason's sister, Jen, got into a car accident. Denver got between 8-12in of snow last night but the roads were clear this morning. Some guy ran a red light and hit her driver's side. We met her and Jason's parents for lunch. Before we met up with them, Courtney, J and I went to Best Buy and I couldn't resist buying the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 25th anniversary set. Which, by the way, there is NO WAY that it's been 25 years since that movie came out. I'm not sure how they came up with 25 years. Anyway, it had some special gifts with it that you can see in the photos. We just thought it was hilarious! We are ninjas!! I'm pretty sure that me reliving my childhood made J's parents think we were silly but oh well! Laugh along with us!! And check out the pictures of my accident. I typed it before I did my post about JB so when I posted it today it posted before the last post. I love you guys! Have to work tonight. This week is DRAGGING!!!! I wish it were Friday!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My best friend JB

He's great with Haven
He's hilarious. He laughs at me and I laugh at him and we laugh together.
He's so great with the kids.
Here he is on Oprah
I worked all night and was trying to sleep and he took photos of me sleeping and him messing with me while I was sleeping. So sleepy!!! Then he made up for it by giving me a hug. Love you!

I want you guys to meet my famous friend Jason Brown (he also goes by J or JB so if you guys see me refer to him that way, it's all him). This is Courtney's boyfriend and Cort's best friend and now my best friend. He's the guy that introduced me to Cort and I love him for that. He is one of the greatest people that I've ever known. He's funny, loving, generous, passionate, loyal and I know that he'd stick up for me (and any of his other friends) under any condition and he gives the best bear hugs ever! He became addicted to heroin a few years back. He got worse from feelings of guilt after the Columbine shooters named him as one of the bullies that led them to shoot up the school in 1999. J went on intervention at the end of 2008 and it aired during the summer of 2009. He's been clean now for 2 years and I am so proud of him. He went to Florida and became a dive instructor like he wanted and has been doing that up until this past winter when he came home to stay with his parents after a bad break up. He planned to go back to Florida eventually until he met and fell in love with my best friend Courtney. If you guys get a chance, you should really watch his Intervention episode. I posted the links below. It's really good. His parents are great. I've not met his dad in person yet but Kathy is just wonderful. They are the ones that live on the golf course and have the hot tub where we hang out some weekends. Watch when you get a chance. After Intervention he's gone on Oprah to talk about his recovery and he's also been on The Doctors. He has so many supportive fans and is working with A&E to answer questions that his fans are asking. If you become a fan of Intervention on Facebook you can see comments and questions people have about him and other people that were on Intervention. He's sober, happy and healthy now and I'm so grateful that he's in my life!!! Love you JB!! You're like a brother to me and I'd do anything for you always!!

Jason on Oprah


That's what the ramp looks like
That's how we ended up
His damage
My damage

Just so I can fully update you guys on this entire month...;) I got in a car accident this past Saturday morning. Joy! I was driving downtown to meet with Jeremy to finish up paperwork for the short sale of our house and our taxes. It snowed all day Friday and the sun came out Saturday but the ramps were still slick. The guy in front of me slid sideways and came to a stop on the ramp and I couldn't avoid hitting him. I slid sideways also and my passenger side hit his drivers side. He thought to take photos and they are doing an investigation into who if anyone was at fault. Luckily I have accident forgiveness because I have a feeling since I was the vehicle in the back, I'm gonna be the one at fault. Also, luckily, the guy I hit was awesome. His name is Jake and we've spoken several times on the phone since it happened. We filled out our online accident reports together and have been keeping in touch through the investigation. He's cute too! If I wasn't with Cort I might have had to pursue this a little ;) What a great story, huh? How did you guys meet? I hit him with my car. Haha! (Don't tell Cort I said that!) I had a very stressful day that day. That happened as I was driving to meet with Jeremy and I was having dinner with Cort's parents that night too. Had a lot on my mind. Luckily Jason invited us to go to his parents house that night and sit in the hot tub. It took the edge off!

Look out! Sarah's movin in!!!

Courtney and Jason, so cute together
(When they're not being gross) I look cute ;)
She was jealous of my glasses and thought she'd show me up with some fancy 3D glasses
Jason's friend Paul came over to help me move and the first thing we unpacked...Wii
Me and Courtney. Beasties! (She texted me one night, we're still beasties, right? I replied, we are still besties and I'm pretty sure we are also beasties. Now we call each other Beasties)
Paul and Jason
I spilled
Courtney, J and me having a blast.

Yesterday I pretty much moved in with Courtney. I say pretty much because as I was packing yesterday they called me to let me know they were showing the house between 3:30 and 5:30. I got this call at 3:10. Thanks for the heads up! So I pretty much just through everything in the car came down to Court's. I had everything packed I was just dilly dallying. Looking back, it's probably a good thing that happened because it got me moving (literally). The problem is that we were supposed to move my bed, dressers and cats too but that didn't happen because we decided it would be too late. So I have all my stuff that I want down here except the furniture and my kitties. Our friend Paul came over to help move things and I bought pizzas and beer for everyone for helping me out. Got the Wii out and we had a little post moving party. Jason tried to teach me how to shotgun a beer since my college experience missed a few of those finer points (I'm not saying that's a bad thing). I wasted about three beers, I'm not very good at it (I'm not saying that's a bad thing either). So today I'm unpacking my boxes before I have to go to work. Thursday is the next moving day because it's the next day we all have off together. I'll be tired because I work Wednesday night but I'm ready for this all to be over!! The plan was to only live here a month or so while I'm looking for my own place but they may find me here for a little longer. I forgot how much moving sucks!!!! I wish it were Friday!! I'm sure you can all relate! Miss you guys and love you all!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Cort. Not exactly sure what kind of swing he's attempting here...
Jason and Courtney. That is Kathy's job. Not sure if she's in the photo but she drives the beer/snack cart around the golf course. I could totally do that!!!
Cort and I. Always laughing!
Jason taking a swing in the most beautiful environment that I've ever golfed in!!!
Ace Ventura? Anyone?
Courtney and J. Have to laugh about this one because Cort's head is in it and he was making it very difficult to get a photo.
J helping Cort out on his technique. Let's see if it worked ;) (He was a little upset that I did better than him but he hasn't golfed in 10 years. I golf once every year.)
Love this photo. I think this is the 3rd or 4th hole of 18 at Arrowhead. Maybe hard to tell in this photo but that's downtown Denver in the background.

Again, thank you Kathy!! Jason's mom, Kathy, works at Arrowhead golf course and got us all in on family discounts. Green fees at this time of year are normally $80. We golfed for $25. This included snacks and dinner. This place is amazing! The views are spectacular! Anyone that wants to golf...we have to golf here someday!!! Of course, we laughed all day long. Cort was struggling to remember how to golf since it had been awhile. I got it after a short time and he was frustrated that I was doing better than him (even brought it up at dinner with his parents about how I made him look bad). Of course, when we say I did better than him, it's not really a compliment, just so we're all on the same page. It was starting to really cool off toward the end of the day. The next day we got 7 in of snow in Denver (NONE in Bailey). I unfortunately had to go to work after all this fun but I survived, as always. I am having the best time of my life right now! I love these guys! We just have the best time all the time, whether doing something or nothing and we all look out for each other. We're a bit of a misfit group of people but I think that's why we get along so well. I'm moving in with Courtney for a few months starting tomorrow so it may be awhile before I post again. That's why I wanted to get this all done now. I love all of you that take the time to stay in touch with me through my blog. Thanks for supporting me through the tough times! Glad to be seeing some happy times though too!! Love you all!!! Have a great week!! Mine will be busy but full of smiles and laughter.
Justify Full

St Pat's Day

My friend Gena and I in line for Kegs and Eggs.
Me and my green beer. I'm not very good at self portraits on my phone yet and this was taken inside the bar so that's why the color is weird. I look a little green.
Someone graciously stepped in when they saw me attempting to self portrait myself on my phone.
Again, I have very few photos of Jason not flipping off the camera. In this lovely photo, Jason got ahold of my green hair spray. Sexy, huh?
Courtney and I.

Sorry if any of thse come out blurry. All of my March 17th photos were taken on my phone because I didn't want to carry my giant camera with me. I met my friend Gena (from St Anthony's) at Lodo's (Kegs and Eggs) at 4 am. Of course, it was freezing and we were miserable and temporarily discussed leaving the line at times. Compared to our fellow crazy early birds we were stone sober and probably way under dressed. Luckily, her brother showed up at 5:30 with a couple flasks of Jameson which made the wait only slightly more bearable (that's why my only pics of us in line are later in the wait). We made it though and enjoyed the bands. Thought the day was winding down when Cort picked me up after he got off work at 2pm. However, Jason and Courtney had other ideas and we wound up out again with them. It was a great day but I definitely won't be drinking for awhile....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cort and Connor

What a pair!! These two boys are so much alike it cracks me up!!

Choosing from the menu

The boys after dinner with the parents

The first 3 photos are from last weekend. It wasn't Cort's weekend but we were tooling around town and thought it would be nice to hang with Connor for the afternoon so we picked him up and went to the 16th street mall to wonder around and get lunch. I can't even explain to you how great these boys are together! I just love that they are in my life right now! The last two photos were taken at Jason's parents house after we got done eating dinner with Cort's parents. They were about to change clothes and I was like"NO!! WAIT!!" Glad I did! Aren't they adorable?! He's a little mini me of his dad. We were in the car after dinner driving to Jason's and Connor started giggling and that made me giggle and then Cort started laughing at both of us giggling and this went on for about 15 min none of us could stop laughing. So nice to be around people that just laugh. Love it!

Hot Tub Night

Haven got into Kathy's stuff to play dress up. This girl cracks me up!
And never stops cracking me up. She's all on the treadmill in her bathing suit with hand weights! She made good use of pretty much all the amenities that Jerry and Kathy have to offer ;)
Courtney and Jason (sorry, I have very few photos of Jason where he is not flipping of the camera)
Courtney, Connor, Jason and Haven in the hot tub

Jason's parents (Jerry and Kathy) live right on Arrowhead golf course and have a beautiful house there. They have been so wonderfully generous to us, letting us hang out there with the kids and use their hot tub, pool table, sauna, TV etc... the kids (Haven and Connor) LOVE the hot tub. Cort can't get in the hot tub (Long story for later) and I am the only one that thinks to take pictures at all times (I'm hoping that will change soon) so there's no photos of us but we were there. This actually was before the other posts. This was a week after I met Jason and Cort. Things just flowed with all of us so well that all of a sudden we are all hangin out like a big family with their kids and everything and none of it felt weird or awkward. It feels right and normal and good. I'm so happy right now!