Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hot Tub Night

Haven got into Kathy's stuff to play dress up. This girl cracks me up!
And never stops cracking me up. She's all on the treadmill in her bathing suit with hand weights! She made good use of pretty much all the amenities that Jerry and Kathy have to offer ;)
Courtney and Jason (sorry, I have very few photos of Jason where he is not flipping of the camera)
Courtney, Connor, Jason and Haven in the hot tub

Jason's parents (Jerry and Kathy) live right on Arrowhead golf course and have a beautiful house there. They have been so wonderfully generous to us, letting us hang out there with the kids and use their hot tub, pool table, sauna, TV etc... the kids (Haven and Connor) LOVE the hot tub. Cort can't get in the hot tub (Long story for later) and I am the only one that thinks to take pictures at all times (I'm hoping that will change soon) so there's no photos of us but we were there. This actually was before the other posts. This was a week after I met Jason and Cort. Things just flowed with all of us so well that all of a sudden we are all hangin out like a big family with their kids and everything and none of it felt weird or awkward. It feels right and normal and good. I'm so happy right now!

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