Sunday, March 21, 2010


Love this photo!

This dog reminds me so much of Merlin it's funny!
Lounging in the back yard
Full view

I dog sat for my friend Pat and his family the last 10 days. His dog is a pound mutt named Kit but he really reminds me of Merlin in so many ways! He rode with me to Fairplay to file the last of my divorce papers and that's when I got the side mirror photos (probably not the safest thing to be doing while driving but got some great photos). The other two were taken at Pat's house while he was lounging in the sun on one of our 60 degree days (before the snow). Which, by the way, Bailey got none of. I got to the house tonight for the first time in a week and we had NO new snow. NONE! So funny how the weather is here! Love you guys!! Thanks for reading!

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