Tuesday, March 23, 2010


That's what the ramp looks like
That's how we ended up
His damage
My damage

Just so I can fully update you guys on this entire month...;) I got in a car accident this past Saturday morning. Joy! I was driving downtown to meet with Jeremy to finish up paperwork for the short sale of our house and our taxes. It snowed all day Friday and the sun came out Saturday but the ramps were still slick. The guy in front of me slid sideways and came to a stop on the ramp and I couldn't avoid hitting him. I slid sideways also and my passenger side hit his drivers side. He thought to take photos and they are doing an investigation into who if anyone was at fault. Luckily I have accident forgiveness because I have a feeling since I was the vehicle in the back, I'm gonna be the one at fault. Also, luckily, the guy I hit was awesome. His name is Jake and we've spoken several times on the phone since it happened. We filled out our online accident reports together and have been keeping in touch through the investigation. He's cute too! If I wasn't with Cort I might have had to pursue this a little ;) What a great story, huh? How did you guys meet? I hit him with my car. Haha! (Don't tell Cort I said that!) I had a very stressful day that day. That happened as I was driving to meet with Jeremy and I was having dinner with Cort's parents that night too. Had a lot on my mind. Luckily Jason invited us to go to his parents house that night and sit in the hot tub. It took the edge off!

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