Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fun in the Park

Haven, Courtney's 9 year old daughter. Isn't she beautiful!?!? Never Miss B'Haven ;)
This is us (Haven, Cort, Jason, and Courtney) getting all her bikes ready for riding to the park
Me actin a fool! I thought it was kinda funny to ride the elephant and I have elephants on my shirt. I really tested that elephants limits ;)
Courtney and Haven
Jason (Courney's boyfriend and Cort's best friend) and Haven

We took Haven (Courtney's daughter, 9) to the park. She is just such a special girl. I love her to bits and pieces!!! What a character! On Cort's 30th birthday (Mar 8) he was doing something silly and she said "You're acting like a child!" Cort replied "I am a child" to which Haven said "No you're not, you're a 30 year old man!!!" She totally called him out and it was hilarious. I hit the floor I was laughing so hard. That has been our joke for the last couple of weeks. Every time he does something silly we all say "You're a 30 year old man!!" Love it! Anyway, this was a beautiful day and we had to do something outside.

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