Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cort and Connor

What a pair!! These two boys are so much alike it cracks me up!!

Choosing from the menu

The boys after dinner with the parents

The first 3 photos are from last weekend. It wasn't Cort's weekend but we were tooling around town and thought it would be nice to hang with Connor for the afternoon so we picked him up and went to the 16th street mall to wonder around and get lunch. I can't even explain to you how great these boys are together! I just love that they are in my life right now! The last two photos were taken at Jason's parents house after we got done eating dinner with Cort's parents. They were about to change clothes and I was like"NO!! WAIT!!" Glad I did! Aren't they adorable?! He's a little mini me of his dad. We were in the car after dinner driving to Jason's and Connor started giggling and that made me giggle and then Cort started laughing at both of us giggling and this went on for about 15 min none of us could stop laughing. So nice to be around people that just laugh. Love it!

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