Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Monday

Rhonda, Chris and Deb. All ICU nurses that I work with. This is pre-party at Chris's swank bachelor pad patio.
Chris's neighbor's dog Dixie. Adorable!!!
These flowers are everywhere except around my house so I had to get a photo as we were walking to the concert.
Me, Rhonda, Deb, Eric, Deb's boyfriend and Ryan, Chris's friend tailgating after the concert. The weather was PERFECT!
Go girls! Fun times!

Hope everyone had a very lovely Monday! I got my camera back this morning!!! As promised, I am posting Depeche Mode photos. Sorry there's no actual photos of the band playing. None of them turned out. I'd love to get all of you out to Red Rocks at some point. It's such a beautiful place to see a concert! I'm on the hospice unit again tonight and I'm looking forward to it. More tomorrow. Happy Monday!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Just relaxing before going to work. Today's Monday for me but I've had a good couple of days off. Here is a camping photo from May. I did not have my camera but someone we camped with took this great pic of the dogs. Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, August 28, 2009


Hi everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Friday! I went to the Depeche Mode concert at Red Rocks last night. It was a very good time and a great concert. I was a little disappointed in their choice of final encore song but it was still a great concert (I mean really, who does a monster ballad as their final song? It's depressing). I will have photos for you as soon as I get my camera back from their lost and found (Haha, I can laugh now that I know I'll get my camera back). So I'm going to share some photos of flowers that I took from the deck in the few days before. Enjoy! Happy Friday!!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Robin on a rock
Bird ruining our tiki wick
Hummingbird wondering if my watering can is a giant tasty flower
Bluebird on a bush
Predator alert!!! Minnie thinks those birds look tasty!

Happy Monday everyone! I know it's a hard day for most of you 9-5ers but it's hump day for me!! I'm going to work on the Hospice unit tonight which I love. It's definitely a welcome change from the usual and I love having it in the middle of my three nights to break things up. It makes the week go faster. It has been cloudy and raining most of the day and for some reason our deck and yard became a bird playground. I got some pics but once I got the camera all the interesting activity moved as far away from me as possible (as usual). So, the one I was bummed to miss was there were three birds that were all gray but had bright yellow patches under their tail feathers were bathing in a puddle on our deck right next to the sliding glass door. Wish I had a photo. The rest are neat though. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday-Go Rockies!!!

Jordan sat in the back of the Xterra. He had a helmet and nose plugs so we weren't to worried about it. We did leave the dog screen up for the girls safety =)
Paola, Kara, and Brittany in the back of the car on the way
Paola tried to throw her gum into the street so no one would step in it and it stuck to the light post. At least no one will step in it there!
Go Rockies!
The diamond from our point of view. Section 146, 25th row
The scoreboard with the fowl pole from where we were sitting.
Jeremy, Kara, Poala, Jordan, and Brittany
Jeremy and I had a lot of fun
Kara, Poala, and Jeremy (and I) left the game together

To celebrate Jakey's birthday (in his honor) we went to a Rockies game. It was 88 degrees at our house and 98 in Denver. The game started out hot but as the sun went down it ended up beinga nice night. It was even nice at our house at 1am when we got home. I sat outside for a little without a jacket! We had great seats too! We were in the first section 25th row in left field. I didn't have much faith in the Rocks going in. Friday night they lost 4-0 to the Giants. When we arrived they were losing 3-1 in the 1st inning. Great. They were losing all the way up until the 6th inning. In the 6th, they were down 6-3 and by the end of the 6th inning they were up in think 10-6. It was fun to watch especially since there were so many people (Rockies fans) there. The seats were the most full I've seen them in all the games I've been to. Hopefully they keep the winning going. Jeremy and I went to the game with some people he works with and used to work with, Jordan, Kara, Poala, and Brittney. I was worried there would be some drama with this group but I went along. There was some drama and our six ended up being four. I was expecting something to go awry considering who we were with, I just wasn't expecting Jordan to be involved in it. This blog is public domain so I won't go into it more. I'm not that worried about it anyway. Jeremy and I don't get involved with drama so when it started we just continued with our original plan and continued to enjoy ourselves. For some reason, this made certain people more angry. Whatever. Jeremy and I had fun. That's what matters! Enjoy the photos! I'm back to work tonight. I don't really know what I was thinking picking up tonight as an extra. That only gave me one day off and I spent it staying out late and drinking too much. Oh, well. I won't regret it when I get my paycheck! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!! Happy Sunday!


Happy Birthday Jakey!!! I am also a day late but I was thinking I had already posted for Jakey's birthday because of being home. Then I saw Chrissy's post and thought, I really should do a Jakey post. (He'll also enjoy my baseball pics, esp if he watched any highlights from the game). I love you Jakey!! Hope you enjoyed your birthday!!!

PS-If you are going to download these (or any other) photos from my blog, enlarge them first by clicking on them, then right click and choose how and where you want to download them. This will get you the best quality photo and save you a lot of time. I speak from personal experience. Right clicking on the photo before you enlarge it will download the compressed photo and they will turn out blurry if you want to use them for anything. I had to delete all the pics I had from Chrissy's blog and I spent two hours the other day re-downloading all the photos. =) But I'm all caught up now.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Thanks Ron's. I'll pay it forward!
Ouch! Soon to befixed.
I love the way the flowers wrap around the deck.

Worked Friday night but had a nice sit outside before leaving. I forgot to mention my accident on the way to IL. I hit a deer in Nebraska. Luckily it was a small deer and it only caused body damage on the driver's side. I still made it to IL and back to CO. I stopped at an automotive shop called Ron's and they were awesome. They moved a car out they were working on to look at my car. They checked for any damage that would be a danger for me and then they refused to let me pay them! Thanks!! I have a few pics of my car and some pics I took outside before I left for work. Today it's HOT!! It's 90 here in Bailey and we are heading down to Denver for a Rockies game. They, at least, better win! They lost yesterday and now the wildcard race is down to one game. Pics of the game tomorrow.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Ahh summer...oh wait
Now, ahhh....summer =)
I love how my flowers have grown around the post on the deck.
There he is. He's just like my animals. He took off every time I tried to get a photo. But I foiled him.
Thanks for the gourds Chrissy!!

Today has been very laid back (much needed). I made some sun tea, worked on an invitation of sorts and enjoyed the deck. I had a visit from a hummingbird and managed to get a good photo the third or fourth time he came around. Back to work tomorrow for one night then I have the weekend. I think we are going to try to make the rockies game Saturday night. Later everyone!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I had the chance to go to work tonight but I wanted to take a day to recover a little. I did work last night and just felt shredded when I woke up today. I was exhausted heading straight back to work after driving across the country. Then this morning we took the car to get an estimate. Hopefully that will all be taken care of shortly, like it never happened. =) It has been a beautiful night. I got a great pic of the sunset (are you guys tired of sunset pictures from my deck yet). I wish I could capture how it really looked outside. The air was glowing pink. It was beautiful. I am now going to take it easy tonight, gat a good night's sleep and enjoy my day off tomorrow with Jeremy.

Jakey's Birthday

Love my golfin sister!

Love this pic! (I don't know what's up with my text but I can't turn it off)

Waiting for a couple to play through. I love this pic too!

Then the boys played some football
Love my family!!!!!
Happy early birthday Jakey!

I made a surprise trip to IL this past weekend to hang out with my family. Everyone was getting together to golf and celebrate Jake's birthday. I had a great time! I forgot how much I love golfing, especially with my siblings. Thanks everyone for letting me come along!! It was an exhausting trip but totally worth it! I love you guys and can't wait to see you all again soon!!!!