Saturday, August 22, 2009


Thanks Ron's. I'll pay it forward!
Ouch! Soon to befixed.
I love the way the flowers wrap around the deck.

Worked Friday night but had a nice sit outside before leaving. I forgot to mention my accident on the way to IL. I hit a deer in Nebraska. Luckily it was a small deer and it only caused body damage on the driver's side. I still made it to IL and back to CO. I stopped at an automotive shop called Ron's and they were awesome. They moved a car out they were working on to look at my car. They checked for any damage that would be a danger for me and then they refused to let me pay them! Thanks!! I have a few pics of my car and some pics I took outside before I left for work. Today it's HOT!! It's 90 here in Bailey and we are heading down to Denver for a Rockies game. They, at least, better win! They lost yesterday and now the wildcard race is down to one game. Pics of the game tomorrow.

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