Sunday, August 2, 2009


Me, Sarah and Rhonda. Someone called us Sarah 1 and Sarah 2 when we were out and we said "Oh, no!! That is not happening!" So we decided we are Sarah 1 and Sarah 1a. They are interchangeable, by the way ;)
Sarah B, Rhonda and I before heading out to a club

I have almost caught up to present day!! After returning from a great trip to Wyoming, I worked two nights then left from work to my friend Rhonda's house to head to the airport. We had a critical care nursing conference that Thursday and Friday then stayed to play until Sunday morning. It was Rhonda, Sarah B. and I, the three musketeerettes. Jeremy made fun off us at breakfast this morning because we were giving the waiter a hard time. He said I bet you guys were something else in Vegas. I said "Vegas didn't know what hit 'em!!" Anyway... the conference was wonderful. It was worth every bit of time and money we spent there. The whole first day was a CCRN review. In nursing you have 'boards' or the NCLEX which is a national test that certifies you've learned enough to practice (that's the test Patricia recently passed, Yay!). Then there are special certification tests that are optional tests that basically say that you are an expert in a certain field. There are tons of them. If you want to be a certified ER, neuro, cardiac, psych, rehab etc. The CCRN is the test to certify you as an 'expert' critical care nurse. It's a difficult test but it looks great on a resume, especially if you want to teach other people some day. Anyway, there were other good times. None to be described here because as someone from Vegas told me (they rewrote the slogan) "What happens in Vegas didn't really happen" So, it was a ll a fun dream. More to come!!

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  1. Sarah 1 and Sarah 1a? You realize that you could be engineers...? Sounds like you guys had a ton of fun! Or did you...?