Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Monday

Rhonda, Chris and Deb. All ICU nurses that I work with. This is pre-party at Chris's swank bachelor pad patio.
Chris's neighbor's dog Dixie. Adorable!!!
These flowers are everywhere except around my house so I had to get a photo as we were walking to the concert.
Me, Rhonda, Deb, Eric, Deb's boyfriend and Ryan, Chris's friend tailgating after the concert. The weather was PERFECT!
Go girls! Fun times!

Hope everyone had a very lovely Monday! I got my camera back this morning!!! As promised, I am posting Depeche Mode photos. Sorry there's no actual photos of the band playing. None of them turned out. I'd love to get all of you out to Red Rocks at some point. It's such a beautiful place to see a concert! I'm on the hospice unit again tonight and I'm looking forward to it. More tomorrow. Happy Monday!

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