Sunday, August 23, 2009


Happy Birthday Jakey!!! I am also a day late but I was thinking I had already posted for Jakey's birthday because of being home. Then I saw Chrissy's post and thought, I really should do a Jakey post. (He'll also enjoy my baseball pics, esp if he watched any highlights from the game). I love you Jakey!! Hope you enjoyed your birthday!!!

PS-If you are going to download these (or any other) photos from my blog, enlarge them first by clicking on them, then right click and choose how and where you want to download them. This will get you the best quality photo and save you a lot of time. I speak from personal experience. Right clicking on the photo before you enlarge it will download the compressed photo and they will turn out blurry if you want to use them for anything. I had to delete all the pics I had from Chrissy's blog and I spent two hours the other day re-downloading all the photos. =) But I'm all caught up now.

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  1. Love the pics, Sari. You should have asked me and I would have told you about the pics:)