Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Wonderful evening! View from our deck
Max also enjoyed the night air in the windowsill
Banana chocolate chip bread going into the oven
Gridley rested while I baked and cleaned (and sang and danced)
Banana chocolate chip bread fresh out of the oven
Minnie planning her escape route
Max longs to be outside
The bottoms stuck to the pan a little. Still tastes good though.
Everyone wants out with me

More scenery photos from our deck
Me rockin out to Lady Gaga. I wanted to save the memory of how silly I was being.

I know I said I'd do more camping but I wanted to take a break and post some pics that I took on Tuesday night. I was on call for work and had some gross bananas that I bought thinking the kids would eat them while they were here and they did not. So, I whipped out Martha's book that Chrissy got me and she told me how to make banana bread. It turned out great. I actually put chocolate chips in the bread. A girl I worked with brought in banana chocolate chip bread and it was to die for. Who would have thought? So, I tried it out and it is delightful. I obviously did not grease the bottom of the pan very well. I was listening to my headphones the whole time too while I did dishes, baked and cleaned. I took a pic because I was laughing at myself that if anyone stopped by they would just die. I was singing and dancing to music only I could hear. I took a pic of myself to remember how ridiculous I was. But really, cleaning goes so much faster with Lady Gaga ; ) The night was gorgeous so there's outside photos and ones of the animals wishing they could come and go as they please. Hope everyone had a happy Tuesday and Wednesday and next will be the final installment of camping with Chrissy.

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  1. I have some gross bananas too. Will you stop by and make banana bread for me? It looks delicious....The kitties look like they are plotting something...