Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday-Go Rockies!!!

Jordan sat in the back of the Xterra. He had a helmet and nose plugs so we weren't to worried about it. We did leave the dog screen up for the girls safety =)
Paola, Kara, and Brittany in the back of the car on the way
Paola tried to throw her gum into the street so no one would step in it and it stuck to the light post. At least no one will step in it there!
Go Rockies!
The diamond from our point of view. Section 146, 25th row
The scoreboard with the fowl pole from where we were sitting.
Jeremy, Kara, Poala, Jordan, and Brittany
Jeremy and I had a lot of fun
Kara, Poala, and Jeremy (and I) left the game together

To celebrate Jakey's birthday (in his honor) we went to a Rockies game. It was 88 degrees at our house and 98 in Denver. The game started out hot but as the sun went down it ended up beinga nice night. It was even nice at our house at 1am when we got home. I sat outside for a little without a jacket! We had great seats too! We were in the first section 25th row in left field. I didn't have much faith in the Rocks going in. Friday night they lost 4-0 to the Giants. When we arrived they were losing 3-1 in the 1st inning. Great. They were losing all the way up until the 6th inning. In the 6th, they were down 6-3 and by the end of the 6th inning they were up in think 10-6. It was fun to watch especially since there were so many people (Rockies fans) there. The seats were the most full I've seen them in all the games I've been to. Hopefully they keep the winning going. Jeremy and I went to the game with some people he works with and used to work with, Jordan, Kara, Poala, and Brittney. I was worried there would be some drama with this group but I went along. There was some drama and our six ended up being four. I was expecting something to go awry considering who we were with, I just wasn't expecting Jordan to be involved in it. This blog is public domain so I won't go into it more. I'm not that worried about it anyway. Jeremy and I don't get involved with drama so when it started we just continued with our original plan and continued to enjoy ourselves. For some reason, this made certain people more angry. Whatever. Jeremy and I had fun. That's what matters! Enjoy the photos! I'm back to work tonight. I don't really know what I was thinking picking up tonight as an extra. That only gave me one day off and I spent it staying out late and drinking too much. Oh, well. I won't regret it when I get my paycheck! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!! Happy Sunday!

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