Friday, August 7, 2009


Recovering from the night before.
Packing up to go camping.
Quick stop at the Bailey Country Store for propane.
Setting up our tent
Putting the 'kitchen' over the table so we had a dry area
Setting up our 'kitchen'
The creek our campsite was on.
Our site almost set up

Site #6
It can be difficult to start a fire with wet wood
It rained off and on during set up but it was beautiful! (and cold...and wet)
Hauling wood

Everyone helped. Thanks Willme!

So, Wednesday after recovering from our hangover we packed up to go camping. The sun finally came out early afternoon and we took the opportunity to pack up and head to the site before it started raining again because, darn it, we were going to camp, rain or shine. These pics are from when we first arrived and set up camp. More tomorrow of us enjoying the evening once we got settled. Yay camping!!

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