Thursday, August 13, 2009

Camping!! The Final Frontier!

Breaking down the tents
Getting breakfast ready
"What the hell are we doing out here?"
Chrissy making breakfast
Wet, wet, wet
This is what it looked like as we were leaving
This is what it looked like in the afternoon
Apple and Peach Berry Pie
And steak. Yum!

So camping in the rain...

It was not so bad at first but the next morning...cold, wet, crabby.

Chrissy was great and made a mountain man breakfast even though a wet sleeping bag had her an Butch up at 0300. Thanks Chrissy!!!! We thought about toughing it out for awhile but I looked down at Grid and he was wet and shivering and I was like "we're going home." So we did. I made pies while everyone napped or rested. We had steaks that night and sat on the deck for awhile enjoying the sun that decided to come out later that afternoon. It was so much fun and I'm glad we went. I hadn't been camping in two years but I hope to go again very soon!

That's it for camping posts. More to come later.

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