Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Look out! Sarah's movin in!!!

Courtney and Jason, so cute together
(When they're not being gross) I look cute ;)
She was jealous of my glasses and thought she'd show me up with some fancy 3D glasses
Jason's friend Paul came over to help me move and the first thing we unpacked...Wii
Me and Courtney. Beasties! (She texted me one night, we're still beasties, right? I replied, we are still besties and I'm pretty sure we are also beasties. Now we call each other Beasties)
Paul and Jason
I spilled
Courtney, J and me having a blast.

Yesterday I pretty much moved in with Courtney. I say pretty much because as I was packing yesterday they called me to let me know they were showing the house between 3:30 and 5:30. I got this call at 3:10. Thanks for the heads up! So I pretty much just through everything in the car came down to Court's. I had everything packed I was just dilly dallying. Looking back, it's probably a good thing that happened because it got me moving (literally). The problem is that we were supposed to move my bed, dressers and cats too but that didn't happen because we decided it would be too late. So I have all my stuff that I want down here except the furniture and my kitties. Our friend Paul came over to help move things and I bought pizzas and beer for everyone for helping me out. Got the Wii out and we had a little post moving party. Jason tried to teach me how to shotgun a beer since my college experience missed a few of those finer points (I'm not saying that's a bad thing). I wasted about three beers, I'm not very good at it (I'm not saying that's a bad thing either). So today I'm unpacking my boxes before I have to go to work. Thursday is the next moving day because it's the next day we all have off together. I'll be tired because I work Wednesday night but I'm ready for this all to be over!! The plan was to only live here a month or so while I'm looking for my own place but they may find me here for a little longer. I forgot how much moving sucks!!!! I wish it were Friday!! I'm sure you can all relate! Miss you guys and love you all!!!

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  1. I forgot to tell you how much i loved how you updated like your entire month in one night on your blog! Beasties..I LOVE that too! Good luck moving. I hate moving too!