Monday, March 22, 2010

St Pat's Day

My friend Gena and I in line for Kegs and Eggs.
Me and my green beer. I'm not very good at self portraits on my phone yet and this was taken inside the bar so that's why the color is weird. I look a little green.
Someone graciously stepped in when they saw me attempting to self portrait myself on my phone.
Again, I have very few photos of Jason not flipping off the camera. In this lovely photo, Jason got ahold of my green hair spray. Sexy, huh?
Courtney and I.

Sorry if any of thse come out blurry. All of my March 17th photos were taken on my phone because I didn't want to carry my giant camera with me. I met my friend Gena (from St Anthony's) at Lodo's (Kegs and Eggs) at 4 am. Of course, it was freezing and we were miserable and temporarily discussed leaving the line at times. Compared to our fellow crazy early birds we were stone sober and probably way under dressed. Luckily, her brother showed up at 5:30 with a couple flasks of Jameson which made the wait only slightly more bearable (that's why my only pics of us in line are later in the wait). We made it though and enjoyed the bands. Thought the day was winding down when Cort picked me up after he got off work at 2pm. However, Jason and Courtney had other ideas and we wound up out again with them. It was a great day but I definitely won't be drinking for awhile....

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