Friday, September 11, 2009

Rockies WIN!!!

Happy Birthday Rhonda and Butch!!! Here's some photos of us celebrating Rhonda's birthday at the Rock's game and crawling around town following the game. Enjoy!
Me and Jeremy (and Rhonda's college friend Mike in the background)
The girls (Me, Jane and Rhonda)
Boys (Garrett, Jordan and Jeremy)
Our crew
Rocks WIN!!!!
Our crew after the game. The clean up crew took a great photo of us all.
Me, Jeremy and Rhonda with Linda and Tom kicking us out so they could clean.
Jax menu
Walking to the restaurant
Cute photo at Jax (we had a spectacular waiter)
Goofy photo
Me and Jordan
Rhonda got a free t shirt from Jax for her birthday (I'll have to remember to go there for mine)
I love this quote. This was at the bar at Fodos, an Irish bar next to Coors Field
Rhonda and Mike a Fodos
Jeremy at Fodos. He only had 2 hours of sleep before going to the game. He was goofy by this time.
Me at Fodos
Jeremy passed out at Kara's apt.

We went to the Rockies game on Thursday to celebrate Rhonda's birthday (by the way, Happy Birthday Butch!!! Sorry you had to work, I had plenty of drinks that half could probably have been for you). We had so much fun! After the game we ate at Jax a seafood restaurant then went to a bar that was right next to the field, then we went to Billy's in to get more food (most of us just had appetizers at Jax). Bonus: Billy's had the football game on so we got to watch the 4th quarter and overtime. It was a long day starting at 12:30pm and ending around 11pm. Lots of drinks and LOTS of photos. I took almost 200 photos in 12 hours. I'm turning in to Chrissy ;) (Not that that's a bad thing). Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!

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  1. Looks like great fun! I have never been kicked out of a baseball game...and by the cleaning crew...sounds like quite a good time! Lots of pictures means LOTS of stories to be told! Love you.