Sunday, September 6, 2009

Camping! First night.

Sorry so many photos in one post. I've got tons and I can't decide on my favorites. These photos are from the first day/night that we spent at our campsite. Enjoy!
Grid when he was still full of energy and excited to be going with us.
Jeremy driving
Are we there yet?
Jeremy checking out this site that we ultimately chose to camp at.
Let me out!!
This little cabin was just across the "road" from our site. I'm standing in the road with our campsite behind us.
Grid checked out every corner. He even managed to avoid the giant hole in the floor.
Henson Creek directly next to our campsite.
Our campsite from the road. The creek is directly behind the canopy. We put out tent under the canopy since we had no picnic table. That way we were able to sleep with the tent door open and Gridley's bed next to us even though it rained. We stayed dry and Grid stayed close=everyone happy!
I set up the new tripod I bought (yay, I remembered it this time) on the cooler and got proof that I went on this trip too ;). Family photo!
Grid and me! Jeremy was tired of being in all the photos.
We fried catfish in our brand new cast iron skillet (thanks for the idea Chrissy, we used it all weekend!)
The fried fish was so good that we hovered over the pan and ate right out of it instead of sitting down with plates. I thought it was funny so I set up the tripod again, even Grid hovered!
"I hate my coat!" We were close to 10,000 ft where we camped. It was getting down to 40 at night and this coat really keeps Grid warm. He was not happy about it but he stayed warm all night.
Jeremy got up early and watched the sunrise (and did not take one photo...rrr). When he came back he found his sleeping bag had been stolen. That's why I didn't notice him up. I never got cold because I had a snuggler!

We just got back from our trip. It is absolutely beautiful down there. We camped in the mountains between Lake City and Ouray. If you look on the atlas, we followed 285 south through Buena Vista and got on 50 to Gunnison. Then we went South on 149 into Lake City and got on the Alpine Loop Scenic Byway going into the mountains. It took about 4.5 hours to get there. That was Friday. We got our camp set up and relaxed then went to bed early. On Saturday we went over Engineer Pass and drove all the way to Ouray. It was amazing! That night we made friends with our camping neighbors and had dinner and beverages with them until it started thundering and lightning, about 9pm. We got back to our tent and curled up as it started raining. It rained off and on all night but we were able to stay dry. I took over 300 photos and so I will most likely have several camping posts. Gift idea for anyone out there: I need 2G xD cards!!! I about filled up my 2 512 cards. Got some great photos though. Hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend!!!! Happy Sunday!

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  1. Awesome photos! I love all of them-especially you guys hovering over the cast iron skillet!!!! I see you guys bring rain with you too...
    Glad you had a good time camping, someday maybe we can try again! Love you!