Monday, September 21, 2009


Kara helped me a ton by chopping veges and helping me get set up
Me and Kara. We finally got everything done and were able to enjoy each other and al little of the food.
Jeremy, Bob, Kara and Kristina
Shawn, Josh and Allison (It's the Bailey crew)
Jordan and Amanda
Mom and Dad at Brook Forest Inn
Don and Celia
Me and Jeremy
Family photo taken during half time (I think)

Friday night was the big night. I had a very hectic week. I had an interview Friday late morning, had to get my car from the shop, had to get clothes for my interview, went to Cirque du Soleil with Jeremy Thursday night, had to get food for the party and set up and get the idea. That was my week, Friday being the craziest. Wednesday we went out with a friend that moved to California and came back to visit. Thursday night I took Jeremy to dinner then Cirque du Soleil Kooza (after getting me some interview clothes). It was awesome, you have to check it out if you ever get a chance. I had a stressful interview on Friday at 11:30 after picking up my car (so happy to have it back!!!). Then I came home and set up for our party. Planted some flowers, cleaned the house a little and set up some food. Thank you so much to Jordan and Kara for coming up early and helping me get all that done, I would have been lost without you!!! Don and Celia, Mom and Dad made it with the food about 7:30 (the boys, Jeremy and Bob were running late). Jeremy showed up at 8 and we weren't really ready because we'd been waiting so long but we totally got him, he had no idea! The party was great, thanks everyone for coming. Saturday Celia, Mom and I went shopping while the guys went on an off road trip up Red Cone. We met for dinner at Brook Forest Inn where Don and Celia were staying. Sunday we had a yummy french toast, egg, bacon and toast breakfast and relaxed around the house. Jeremy and Don set up the fancy Logitech Harmony One universal remote Don and Celia got for Jeremy. Then we watched football. It was a good weekend but went by too fast! I miss you guys already!! It's snowing now and I'll post some photos of that next.

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I wish we could have been there. I worked 50 hours last week, then all day on Saturday too, and this week is not looking too much better. I'm glad Jeremy had a good birthday and that you were able to surprise him!!!