Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fun Weekend

We had a pretty fun weekend. I was off until Sunday night and Cort had Connor for the weekend so we got all got to hang together. We had lots of boy's activities. Good times! On a side note, the divorce is final TOMORROW!!!! YAY!! I have the next four days off and I plan to do a lot of celebrating. I'm sure I'll have some good photos to post by this coming Sunday when I have to go back to work. In the mean time, enjoy some of our photos from this weekend. Have a good Wednesday everyone!!
Cort had some Captain in him ;) (he'd probably kill me if he knew I was posting all of these silly photos of him but he's none the wiser)
So these things...we bought these things at an asian gift store that we just refer to as 'balls'. They come in a tiny package and they are as smaller than pebbles. Then you put them in water and they get big and they are squishy and feel funny. Connor and Haven love these things and it's always a big attraction when they are around so we buy more and more at the mall every time we go.
You can catch all of us sticking our hands (maybe even arms) down into the bowl. They feel so cool it is really hard to resist.
Saturday we took Connor fishing. I love this photo!! Cort got the line stuck in the tree and that's what they are looking at. Immediately after I took this photo Cort turned and looked at me and said "I hate you so much right now." I just laughed. He'll love this picture some day!
My room somehow became the place to be this weekend. Courtney's little TV, the game cube and the giant bean bag that made it such that you could not walk in my room all made there way in there. I walked in once and J, Courtney and Haven were all on the bean bag and Cort and Connor were on my bed all watching Haven play Harvest Moon. I love my Colorado family ;) I took this picture after a pretty extensive 'hop on pop' session.
Connor is really into bugs. He collects them. When we were fishing he found a couple grasshoppers and a crazy big beetle. We got them into a jar when we got home. He was pretty excited about them.
I am the great Cornholio! I need TP for my bunghole!
I love that they are both wearing the T shirts I bought for them in Chicago. I also love that Cort has on my Green Bay hoodie. I told him how sexy I thought he was wearing green and gold ;) I don't think he found it humorous.

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