Monday, April 19, 2010

Home (CO)

My flight from Chicago to Denver was an evening flight and it ended up landing late because we had to fly way north around a storm. When the flight landed and I was able to turn my phone back on I had 14 text messages! That's a new record!! As I was walking through the gate toward baggage claim I heard over head "Would Sarah Bienemann report to baggage claim, your party is waiting" (or something to that effect). I died laughing and people around me were looking at me but I couldn't help it. Cort was waiting for me at the furthest point he was allowed to go without a boarding pass. I new he was going to be there even though I told him not to because he had to work early the next morning. It was great to see him especially since I didn't think I'd see him until the next weekend. I got to baggage claim and Courtney, Jason, and Jen (she had just gotten off a plane from Seattle) were waiting for us. Jason said "Hey, look up at the screen." The screen that said which flight's bags were coming to that spot was flashing between the flight number and a screen that said "Welcome special person: Sarah Bienemann" Haha! The five of us were laughing and loud and I loved it! Best homecoming ever!! In fact, this was the first time when flying "home" to Denver actually felt like flying home. Thank you so much for that guys!!!!! So, we were all wired when we got home and ended up staying up really late looking at all my Illinois home pictures and goofing around. Cort went to work the next day with about and hour of sleep but apparently he didn't mind. This photo is the only one I took that night (morning) but it basically captures all of our moods. Cort put on my PJ pants and was walking around acting girlish. It was hilarious!!!!! I wish my ass looked that good in those pants ;)

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  1. That is awesome! I bet it was totally cool hearing your name over the loudspeaker!