Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm still alive ;)

This has to be a pretty quick post because the last two nights at work kicked my butt and I need to get to bed so I can go back. Please, sir, may I have some more ;) Sunday night I didn't get a lunch break and I didn't get to sit down. Last night was almost as bad. My feet hurt and I'm beat. It's hard work taking care of sick people! Most of you know I went out over the weekend to celebrate my new freedom. Celebrate I did! I have a few photos but I haven't looked at them yet so you're going to have to wait! Sorry! These are just some randoms from the past weekend when we hung out with Connor. I'm still alive and I'm still happy and loving life. Updates to come. Happy Tuesday!! Good night!!

Jason gave me this temporary tattoo that he found. I got a little attached to it in that spot. I might have to get a real one (probably not a triceratops, even though they're named after me)

Bugs, bugs, bugs! I love it. This grasshopper Connor caught and then decided to let him go.
This one he caught later in the day and decided he wanted to take him home.
So the poor grasshopper got stuck in a jar with the giant beetle he found.
I had to work Sunday night so I stayed in bed while the boys went on a hike. These are what they brought back for me. They stayed on my nightstand and made me smile for a week. Thanks boys! I wrote on Cort's facebook wall that waking up to picked flowers is infinitely better than someone buying me a dozen roses. The thought that counts is so true.

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