Monday, April 19, 2010

Moving...for real this time!

Courtney and I worked last Saturday night but Sunday was the only day all four of us could head to Bailey to grab more of my stuff so we made it work. We stopped at Tipsy's (the largest liquor store in Colorado which is literally blocks from Courtney's) because you can't move without booze! We got it all done and had beautiful weather and even time to relax with margarita's (thanks for the best homemade recipe I've ever tried Lindsay!!!!). Here's a few photos from that day.
Jason just cracks me up!!!
There's Tipsy's.
Courtney and I rode together for a little girl time. We rocked out all the way up the mountain.
I was way worried about my mirror being carried by the stroke queen but it's still in one piece.
Then we had to get a bunch of pics of us making faces into the mirror. Courtney said "Go do something sexy next to the mirror. I'm thinking that's not exactly what she meant but I couldn't stop laughing.
We are cracking up because we were trying to get a picture of the two of us and Jason was mooning the mirror in the background. You can barely see him in this one. I have one where both of the boys are mooning the mirror between us but I thought maybe the concept would be more funny to most than the actual photo.
Chillin on the deck with our margs and beers after our hard work.

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