Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rockies Game

Here are some photos from the Rockies game Nick, Ashley, Cort and I went to last Friday night. It was HOT, even at 7pm! We had fun though. I didn't get a ton of photos because Nick and Ashley are even less used to having their picture taken than Cort and I started getting a lot of faces and such. I got a few good ones. So far the plan is still to head to the mountains and go camping this weekend. Hopefully I'll have many more photo ops and things to share for next week ;) Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!

Nick and Ashley on the way
Me and Cort
I love baseball!
Even though it started out hot it turned out to be a gorgeous evening
This photo was taken on my Blackberry (have I mentioned that I LOVE my phone?). If you saw the picture taken right before this one you would understand why I'm laughing and I actually have a rare genuine smile from Cort caught on camera. It's hard to come by with him!

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  1. Looks like soooo much fun-that is a gorgeous sunset. I love watching baseball live! So much better than tv. Miss you. Wish I was going camping in the mountains...