Monday, June 21, 2010

Family #3

One of my favorite things about old summer photos are sweaty kids! I wish I had more old birthday photos scanned. Jake's birthday is always the sweaty-ist however I have some photos from William's birthday that are pretty sweaty. Hope everyone's summer is good. Mine is going ok so far. Can't wait to come home and visit!! Really excited!!!!

I edited Jake crying and Dad harassing him out. We were having fun. Peace, Chrissy!
I LOVE this photo because it reminds me of Grandma and her gardens.
Sweaty birthday boy
One of Jakey's birthdays
Us celebrating Jakey's birthday all sweaty and stuff. Happy summer!

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  1. I always loved that pic of you and Jake in Grandma's marigolds. And I seriously do not remember EVER holding rabbit ears behind anyones head, but there is more than one photo showing that, so I guess I must have...Love you :)