Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Justin's Birthday

The second weekend in the house I hosted a pre-party for Cort's best friend Justin's 30th birthday (I've been doing a lot of 30th birthdays this year! Cort's was the 2nd week that I knew him and all his friends are now turning 30). Then we went out and continued the party. We had a great time!

Justin playing with the gun
The boys found an old wooden rubber band gun in the garage and so for about an hour it was like having a group of kids in the backyard. They were cracking me up!!
Lindsay, I am forever thankful for that margarita recipe!!! I have made it tons of times and it always gets rave reviews!! Yum!
Wii bowling
The cake I made. Justin's last name is a long name that begins with the letters Spahl. So everyone calls him Spahl or Spahli. I guess there were multiple Justins at their school
Cort insisted on trick candles ;)
I was laughing so hard at these guys! They're making faces but all three of them were actually sitting at the table texting. Those are Cort's friends Zach and Lindsay.
Angry faces. Grrr
Happy 30th Spahl!!

On a side note, I did laugh out loud at that picture of you and Mom at Tanner's, Chrissy! It is hilarious!! It looks like you guys had a great Memorial Day weekend!!!! Wish I could have been there. I was at work making the big bucks instead though. That was just a barrel of laughs ;) But now I'm off for five days and I get to go camping too!! Cort and I are going to join Ashley and Nick this weekend for first camping trip of the season. CAN'T WAIT!!!

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