Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Window is Finally Fixed!!!!!

We were supposed to go golfing today but we slept in and I got a phone call right when we woke up that my window regulator and motor arrived at Checkers. The window got broken out (and my ipod taken) on May 9 and the window was replaced May 11. On the 12th I was driving down the road and the window was up and just went *clunk* into the door. I took it by the glass place and they told me the regulator was broken (that's the part that attaches the window to the electric motor that rolls it up and down) and apparently those fail often on Jeeps and Audis and it was a complete coincidence that it happened the day after my window got replaced. So... the reason it took me so long to replace the part is related some to procrastination, some to being so busy with moving and everything, and some to me researching my most economical option. Buying the part through an auto shop was cheaper no matter who installed it and Cort was willing to make attempt before we paid someone to do it. He was so patient today. Les (his dad) and I were both trying hard to get our hands into fixing it and we were both offering suggestions and advice and he just kept working and finally got it hooked up and it works. I can't believe he didn't snap or get mad at either of our type A attempts to control the situation. Thank you Cort!!! For saving me money, working on my car, and putting up with me and your dad! Here are some photos of my window being fixed in Les's garage. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Hopefully I'll have some golfing photos for you soon. There's a course within walking distance from us and it's cheap! I'm very much looking forward to checking it out.

A little blurry but this is Cort working on my window
I took this photo so you can see what I had to do to keep my window up for that last month or so. It took A LOT of Goo Gone to get all the tape marks off my car!
Almost fixed

Good as new!


  1. The motor for our window in the Audi was malfunctioning when we bought it. (Probably the regulator!) When our car was broken into last October, they decided on that window. The repair guy called and told me that the thief had caused the motor to be broken and should he fix it? (I am pretty sure he knew, but wanted the Geico $$$ for fixing it.) I said sure! :)

    I'm glad you got your car fixed. It does suck having it broken in to though, I know.

  2. Good job for the ones who fixed your windows! Some of our windows (in our house) got broken few weeks ago. But with the help of a friend, they're now okay. We just hope our windows will not get broken again.