Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Shelf

I have other photos to post but I thought I'd update you all on current events since I think this was pretty funny. It has been kind of a very long day!! My tooth pain started Saturday night but only got so bad that it was making lose sleep last night. I already had a dentist appointment scheduled this morning but he sent me to a specialist. So I pretty much spent all day today between dentist offices, my realtor's office and grocery stores! Literally 13 hours of this crap! So I wanted this shelf and decided to buy it since I was crabby and had already spent a ton on my mouth, why not a bit more for me? The instructions were totally worth it alone! I laughed so hard!!!! They were 2 pages front and back of just pictures. No written instructions at all and the pictures were pretty vague. I feel for those that struggle without specific instructions. This may have been difficult. Which made me feel kind of smart and also made me think of how thankful I was I did woodworking in 4H with Grandpa Lewis's help. ;) The most hilarious part was the ONLY written portion of the instructions which were found next to the picture of the little tube of wood glue that came with the set. Please enjoy this as much as I did!! (Chrissy I know you will!!!)

Hahahahahaha!!!! C'mon, that's pretty funny!!!

These are the only left over parts and I even understand what they were suggesting I use them for but I found them unnecessary. I think that's pretty good!
Finished product. I like it even though it's kind of goofy and it totally matches the coffee and end tables my friend Eric gave me. Those three pieces of furniture are currently the only furniture in the living room so I better like them! Haha!

Hope everyone is having a great week! More posts to come!

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  1. I love that! And the shelves look pretty cool too! Sorry about the root canal :( Get those teeth fixed up before Thanksgiving!