Friday, October 1, 2010

Dad's New Mower

I had a really long, exhausting night at work last night so this will not be a long post. Just thought I'd share a few photos that dad wanted to take. He got me on the lawn mower ;) At least he let me drive it! His objective is to have a then and now photo of me on his mower. I can't find that old photo so I posted the only one I have which is Jake and I on Grandpa's mower. Enjoy. Have a happy Friday everyone!!!

Me and Jake

Dad getting it ready for me

Dad even worked a few angles. He also took a pic on his phone which he later sent to Ryan. Mom was like some day Ryan is going to regret giving his phone number to your dad ;)


  1. That is adorable!
    And so are you!
    And so is Ry-Ry!
    I love all you guys!

  2. I love these! It's funny that Dad is taking photos. Maybe he IS ready for retirement? Love you! Get some rest!