Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Picture Fall

I decided to sign up for the Picture Fall class that Chrissy is taking. I love fall!! Plus I've really been slacking on taking photos and I needed something fun to do for myself during this chaotic time. I'm enjoying myself so far! Some of these prompts are challenging for me because of where I am in my life but that makes it more interesting!! Thanks Chrissy!

1. Get Comfy
I have no furniture in my house except for my bed right now so it has become my haven lately
2. The Beauty Challenge
3. Morning Light
Morning is different for me than for most people. Since I work nights it's more winding down than gearing up and one thing I always find peace in is watching my cats relax in the sun.
I took this photo this morning outside my realtors office. Its in the morning light as well. I love the colors and the mountains in the background!

Happy fall!


  1. Love them! Thank you so much for sharing-it's almost like being there with you :) Miss you.

  2. Great pictures Sarah!!! They are really pretty.