Sunday, September 12, 2010

Green Day

I've just about caught you guys up to speed! For those of you that know about what's been going on with Cort, I finally got him and all of his stuff out of my house for good and he said he deleted my phone number. Finally!! I only broke up with him 3 months ago! No rush! So the plan is to get all my stuff out of the Bailey house and into one place in the next week or two. Then life can finally truly move forward! On August 28 I went to see Green Day and AFI with my concert buddy and coworker Russ. We like a lot of the same music so we decided to go to as many concerts as we can. We have two planned for next weekend!! I love AFI and they were very good. I was not the biggest Green Day fan but they are true entertainers and they put on one of the best shows I've ever seen! I would see them again and advise others to see them live as well!! You wont be disappointed! Other than that I've just been working to try to afford all of my trips and concerts.

Russ and I waiting in line to get in
This guy actually wore this!!! Hahahaha! AND...that is a segway sitting next to him...AND...when Green Day came on he actually danced ON the segway swinging glow stick hoops around...right in front of us! Russ and I laughed sooooo hard! I told Russ that he needed to find out where this guy bought this outfit and buy one for the Smashing Pumpkins concert or I will sell his ticket! Classic!
The stage at Fiddler's Green now known as the Comfort Dental Amphitheater
Russ and I again

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