Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I love you guys! And Happy Birthday to Me!

Thanks for all the positive thoughts!! It really did help. I got a full day of sleep, had a great night at work and feel much better about things this morning. I had a great birthday!! The only thing missing was my family (and a mint chocolate ice cream cake) but I know they were all there in spirit! Cort and I went out with friends Friday night, spent a great day together Saturday, then spent a few hours with Connor on Sunday before he had to go home. Then we went to the dinner where I got serenaded by the opera singer. Cort got me a new robe and slippers and a gift certificate to Victoria's Secret (and a few of my favorite lip glosses from there). It really was a good weekend despite my very minor breakdown Monday morning. Thanks for letting me vent to you all! I didn't get too many pictures but here's a few. I love you guys!! (and don't stop sending the good vibes yet. I could still use them!)

I forgot to tell you all the Jason's surgery went well. Apparently his back was way worse than they thought it was going to be so he can't even do rehab for the next six weeks. And he gets to wear this sexy brace! He walked like this when he first hurt it because it was less painful and we all laughed at him for it (sorry J). This was the day after his surgery and he reverted to his funny walk for a bit but he's feeling better now.
Hanging out on the patio Friday before going out
Later Friday night. I love that Cort understands that I need to change several times before going out (because he does too, ha ha!) When he saw this pic he said "Oh, my God, I look like I don't have any teeth!"
This glass of beer was in the fridge when we got up to the house in Bailey on Saturday. I had to laugh because I knew exactly who it had to have been! The answer is Cort. And the last time we were there was when we moved me out!
It's not a birthday without a shot (or maybe two) of tequila! Cheers! To the best year yet and many more to come!! To a great 28! Thanks for all the birthday wishes! They meant a lot to me! I love you guys!

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