Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Superbowl Weekend-now with photos ;)

I finally got this going!! And I'm not gonna stop! My favorite thing from the list below of things to remember about the weekend actually is Twilight sucks. And it is so funny to me because we were having a serious conversation about Edward and Jacob and why we like which one and William just matter of fact said "twilight sucks" and I almost spit out my beer.
Love this pic
Wish I knew what was so funny...here we go again! Such a cute photo though!

Well, I feel completely silly posting this right now considering Chrissy has posted four separate posts about Superbowl weekend and it's now a week and a half later and I'm just getting to it. That's about the story of my life! I'm really hoping that in the next couple of months, things will start to settle down and I can have some free time with which I can pursue my hobbies again without having to skip sleep to do so. Anyway, I'm posting this at work so if you are reading and there are no photos attached I either have not gotten home yet or I went to bed and forgot to post them. You can just look at Chrissy's blog for photos ;). We had so much fun!!!! I haven't laughed that much in I can't remember when! I wanted to post my memo that I saved in my phone of things that I didn't want to forget. Most of them are 'you had to be there' type things. This is exactly what I typed:

This weekend

I changd it from Bdog to Boobies. Good change. That's a good change.


Squirt cheese

Jake blows for the pan flute and to create the whirlwind. He doesn't like it but he does what he has to.



Sparkily queer

Twilight sucks

Rye crap


I'm a slave driver

If anyone asks, Mom is in the hospital. What?! Mom's in the hospital?!?!

Guitar hero

Pudge is a robot

Fire face. Ron


Bienemann rot

Ceramic ghost head


What are you, Al Rocker now?


Haha! The more I read these the more I realized that no one will understand any of it unless you were there but it will be a good laugh for a couple people. We took hundreds of photos too between the three cameras. I have looked through those photos so many times in the past week and a half. It helps me remember that I have so much love and support when I feel lonely. It helps remember who I am when I feel like I'm forgetting. This has been a really strange week for me. I have worked (well, I'm in the throws of working) 7 out of 8 days in a row. On my day off I slept maybe two hours then went to hang out with a boy that I like. I have so much to do on Wednesday when I get off work that I may not sleep until that night. Then I am making myself go skiing on Thursday because I am totally behind on my quota of days for this year. Then, Jake and Patricia get here Thursday night. Of course, they will be complete zombies but still... Speaking of, I'm so excited that they are coming!! We will have a blast I am sure! Whoa, tangent! The point I was trying to make is that I have been so busy and had so much extra stuff going on besides work that I haven't really been feeling like myself for the past week. I think it's mostly that I'm tired. Things are good though. Things are very good. Well, more about my hectic life later, when I have time to keep you all updated. I'm sure that I will get some good photos this weekend when Jakey is here! Hope everyone is having a good week!

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  1. Mom's in the hospital?

    Loved the Al Rocker comment!

    Love you and miss you. Have fun this weekend!