Monday, February 1, 2010

Girls Night

Left to right: Sarah W, me, Molly, Melody, Karen (This one's my favorite)
Sarah W, Sonya, Mandy, Onna

Mandy, Karen, Onna, Sarah W, and me
Aftermath. The lighting sucks but I am wearing my skirt, a borrowed T shirt adn slippers, my hair is a greasy mess and my mascara is smeared all over. Oh yeah and my chin is all scraped up. I'm never gonna say why though so don't ask! I'm so glad I didn't have to walk to my car looking like this!!!

I know I just posted but I started thinking...(dangerous, I know) that this week is going to be very very hectic for me so I better post these photos before its another week and they don't get posted. So, I have to apologize upfront. Melody and I got ready together and we were running late. Everyone was already out when we arrived and I didn't think to get a full length photo of the outfit I was wearing. Also, I don't have many photos because I was way too busy looking for items on the list and drinking too much! Sorry. We did a scavenger hunt and I ended up breaking off later in the evening with Molly and Cassidy and their friend Ryan because I wanted to hang out with Ryan. I'm going to say his name again for good measure....Ryan ;) Anyway, it was a very fun night. I am so lucky to have such great friends!! I love those girls!! I don't know what I would have done without them in the last couple of months! We were talking about all the bullsh** we've been through. One of my friends just found out on Facebook of all places that her husband is engaged to another woman...WHAT!! You heard me! It took me most of the night to really even fathom that and even now....UGH!! Another friend's boyfriend dumped her on the phone right before she left for work on the day before her birthday...really?! BOYS!!! WTF!!! Of the nine of us there four have been divorced and if you count me and the Facebook girl that will make six of us divorced by the next girls night! I'm really hating that Valentine's Day is coming up. All the gooey crap in the stores makes me want to be sick! However, there is this big singles party that they have in Denver the night before Valentine's Day called the Bitter Ball...ha ha, I'm actually thinking of going just because I love the name!! Wow, sorry for the tangent. I just wanted you to get the full effect of the kind of girls I was with. We had a great time together and hopefully will be doing it again soon. We do have another pub crawl planned for the end of February but boys are included. You're gonna love the theme...Snuggie Pub Crawl! HA! I need to get me a Snuggie! Love you guys!

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