Thursday, October 1, 2009


I don't have many new photos since we got back from Moab so I am posting some photos of when we closed on our house (the first time).
On the drive to Colorado
Jeremy and I at lunch right after closing.
Drinking champagne in the hotel room
Waking up early in the first night in our house. We were awake by 4am. We slept on the air mattress in our empty bedroom. We forgot many essentials, we had no can opener for dinner, no bottle opener for wine and thank goodness we thought to steal towels from the hotel room for showers.
Our house

So I have few updates for all of you. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile it's been a busy week. I found out that I did not get the job that I interviewed for. I was upset for a very short time. The same night I found out I did a fill in shift and it was busy and stressful and I think that it was a sign that maybe that job is not the best fit for me. I left that next morning saying "did I really want to do that full time?" The other benefit of not getting this job: I'm joining the land of the living...I'm going to day shift, kids!!! Only two more weeks of night shift!! We also closed yesterday on our house...again. Lower interest rate, lower monthly payments and I don't have a mortgage payment for two months!! Yay! So here are some photos of the first time we closed on our house (this time wasn't as exciting so we didn't take any photos).

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