Monday, October 12, 2009

Friday Night

This last Friday night we went out in Denver with Tanaia and Jordan and his friends. We ended up staying at Tanaia's after going out because it snowed (and we maybe were not in the right mind to drive). I bought this Make-your-own candy necklace kit in Moab and forgot it was in my purse. We found it at a bar and decided to make candy necklaces. See, you can be creative anywhere!!

Jeremy and Jordan. We played pass the hats for awhile.
Tanaia and me (and my candy necklace)
Melody, Tanaia and me. Cheers!
This is the canyon on our drive home the next morning

Sorry I haven't updated in a little while. It has been a very crazy 2 weeks. If I'm not working, I'm sleeping or trying to recover. Or, just to torture myself, I'm spending all night in Denver partying the night before I have to go to work. Saturday night was a rough night back but I survived. Cardiac ICU had their charge RN call in and they thought their best choice for charge last night was me...luckily it was a smooth sailing night! Tonight I'm house manager so I'm not just in charge of one unit, I'm in charge of the whole hospital! Mondays are notoriously busy too. Hopefully it will go smoothly! T minus 4 night shifts and counting!! Days next week! I'll let you all know how it goes. Hope everyone has a great week!

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