Sunday, May 8, 2011


I have tons of other photos I want to share but I am pretty excited about running my first 5K so I have photos of that today. Kim and I did the Colorado Rockies Homerun for the Homelessthis morning in downtown Denver. The end of the race was a lap around the warning track at Coors Field. I had never been on a baseball field before so that was pretty awesome! Also my goal was to run it in 45 min and I made it just under 40 min!!!! Go me! :) The only photos I have are from before the race. I did not feel like carrying my camera even though it would have been awesome to get photos of being on the field!! Happy Mother's Day to all moms!!!

The view from Kim's apartment! That is Coors Field and you can see the mountains in the background. Very cool!!
The start was right in front of Coors Field.
Kim and I getting geared up


  1. I am so proud of you!!!! Great Job!

  2. Congrats! Sorry I missed your call tonight, we were eating dinner at New Tokyo for Sonnia's Mother's Day.