Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hello All!

I know it has been forever! So much has happened in the last several months that it will be difficult to post everything. I am in the process of packing so that I can move from the house I am living in to an apartment. It is a great place in a great location not far from where I am. I will be losing internet access at home for the next couple weeks during the move but it will not be too long. Plus I have my fancy new iPhone so I should not miss too much. Next Sunday, Russ, Eric and I will be leaving for a four day camping trip to South Dakota then I move on the 20th. Then Katie and her boyfriend visit and then Mom and Dad. July is gong to be very busy but very fun! Here are some pics from what has been going on lately in no particular order. I hope you are all having a wonderful summer and I will try to get back to this blog by the beginning of August when things slow down a bit. I miss you all!!! Happy Summer!!

Last night the boys came over and we cooked out on the grill.
This bestie photo is courtesy of my brand new iPhone with the camera's flip feature so that you can see your self portrait on the screen as you are taking it. The pixel quality is not as good but it is still awesome!!!!
Beers, burgers and besties. Great night!!
And to make it even better we played my newly purchased used copy of Mortal Kombat Armageddon. Finish Him!!!! Fatality!!!!! How much fun is that!?
My fancy new phone! I went with the white one because I feel like less people have it and it looks great with my pink case :)
Russ and I went to two concerts in the last couple weeks. Natasha Bedingfield and Alan Jackson. It was a great start to another great year of concerts with my concert buddy!
I saw fireworks at Civic Center Park on July 3rd. Very cool!
I got a photo of the building lit up in Green Bay Packers colors (or US Army colors, however you want to look at it).
This is me on my way into Civic Center Park in downtown Denver
Russ has been helping me pack all week. Thanks bestie!!

Sorry about this one but I had to brag about my wounds. :) I took up rollerblading again this year after I found out one of my closest friends Kim is really into it. My first day back out I took a nasty spill and ended up with very minor road rash and some pretty wicked bruises.
Russ and I went to a Rockies game last Wednesday. They lost :(
Then two days later on Friday (the 1st), Amanda, Josh and I went to another Rockies game. They shut out the Royals 9-0 then we got to see fireworks after the game.
Fireworks after the game. One of the best shows I have ever seen! (I got to see 3 fireworks shows this year for the 4th!!!)
I was kidnapped and taken to the casinos in the mountains against my will before my last trip home to IL. This a photo of my captors. You can really see the remorse.
My view out the window of my flight to IL for Lizzy's graduation and Jose's wedding
My little niece graduated from high school Memorial Day weekend!!! I am so proud......and so freaking old!!!
While I was home I got to help babysit my brand new niece Bella
I also went to Jose's wedding and had quite a fun and interesting night. Starting with the boys left to right there's Jimmy and his son, Chris Koski, Jose, Clint, Nick and Ryan.

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