Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sorry Chrissy, I think all of my embarrassing photos must be in shoeboxes. I'm sure they exist. Here's what I could come up with. Show anyone! ;)

Me and Lizzy on Halloween. Those devil horns made it around!
Ha ha, Hobin and I trying on ridiculous clothes at Gadzooks
Marching band. That's all that needs to be said.
Oh my. Jazz band senior year
I've been told I still make this face. That's Mom's face!!!!

Ok, I'm a loser. I just don't feel like playing with my camera right now. I feel like I'm creating all this suspense for pictures that aren't that exciting. In the mean time, here's some "blast from the past" photos. I owe it to Chrissy since I showed her with her boom box to one of my coworkers. I'll try to find something embarrassing but I don't have many scanned photos and if I'm not going to play with my camera I'm not going to play with my scanner either. Hope everyone's week is going well. "Glam rock" girls night is tomorrow night so you might see photos from that before the Avs game.

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  1. he's okay. I'm not mad about the boombox thing-I find it amusing that a photo like that even exists :) Love you :)