Monday, January 4, 2010

Broncos suck!

We had a girl at the tailgate take our photo then after she took it she realized that we were standing in front of the porto-pots. Nice huh?
So we flipped so you can see the party bus and Invesco field. I love this photo because we are all cracking up that we just posed in front of porto-pots. So, left to right, Megan, Jeff, Sarah, me, and Karen.
Me with the pom pom guys

We were in great seats. Section 115, Row 25! End zone 25th row! I have more action photos but I haven't really looked at then closely to see which are good.

I told Mom I would post these photos so here we are. I went to the last Broncos game of the season with my friends Karen and Megan. We met Our friend Sarah W and her boyfriend Jeff at a tailgate party in the lot. The Broncos lost if you can't tell from the title but it didn't really matter. Packers are in the playoffs and we had a lot of fun at the game. It was in the mid-30s so we didn't freeze. The rest of the week will be holiday photos since I just got home today I haven't had a chance to do any uploading before today. Later all!


  1. You'd better tell that Pom-Pom guy to watch where he's putting his hand! :P LOL

  2. Nice shot of Jay Cu....I mean Kyle Orton :) Awesome seats! Looks like fun!