Friday, October 28, 2011

First Ski Day of the Season!!!!!!

I am a little out of order but I am pretty excited about what I did today! My friends Kim and Leslie and I went up to A Basin to ski for the first time this season! This is the first time I have ever skied in October! Now I can say I did it and will most likely never do it again. The mountain was packed and there were only 2 runs open so we waited in the lift line for 30 min for each 5 min run. We only ran a couple runs because it just was not worth the wait. However, we had a great time and it felt great to get back on my skis. I am hoping that once Breckenridge and Keystone open up on November 11th the crowd will disperse a little. All things considered, today was a good day. Hoping for a good night and a Cardinal's win! Happy Thursday everyone!

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